SAMBA digest 1862 (printing from unix to nt)

Foster Jeffrey C jfoste at
Mon Nov 2 17:33:52 GMT 1998

We do this all the time.  I also had the problem with the user authentication on 
the NT box.  All our NT printers allow guest access.  I discovered that setting  
the smblcient user to 'GUEST' fixed the problem.  Our print command on unix look 
like -

smbclient \\\\Server\\Printer -U GUEST -N -P -W OurDomain  

The problem is that a know user on the NT server will have to be validated.  You 
can use any user id that isn't know to your NT box and you won't be prompted for 
a password. If you use a valid NT user account, the NT box will try to validate 
it.  GUEST is a special NT account that doesn't need a password (at least on our 

>I have a situation here where I am looking at moving about 12 unix print
>queues off to one central windows nt 4.0 print queue.
>However if I print to a windows print queue with smbclient it asks me for
>a password which naturally is just the users windows login id.

Jeff Foster
jfoste at

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