virtual hosting and nmbd

Jarek Luberek jarek at
Mon Nov 2 08:23:53 GMT 1998

Florian G. Pflug wrote:

> Hi
> I guess it could be done by using a smb.conf for each virtual host, and
> using
> bind interfaces only = true
> interfaces = <Virtual Host IP>
> One of the nmbds has should run as a wins server with
> wins support = yes
> The others should have
> wins server = <Virtual IP of the wins-nmbd>
>                                               Greetings, Florian

Thank you, this does precisely what I hoped it would. Nmbd now sits on
udp socket for the new host and listens.
Unfortunately,  name resolution (hostname) does not resolve to the virtual
name but the name of the non-chroot:et environment (but that's another
story I guess)

Thank for all help,


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