printing from unix to nt

mattb mattb at
Sun Nov 1 23:23:22 GMT 1998

I have a situation here where I am looking at moving about 12 unix print
queues off to one central windows nt 4.0 print queue.

However if I print to a windows print queue with smbclient it asks me for
a password which naturally is just the users windows login id.

What I want to be able to do is integrate an "lp -d winprint1 filename"
on my unix box to allow users  to print to windows, retaining the
username for banner page printing, and not requiring a password for
authentication (no passwords have been set on the printers).

I can print to the printers directly ie by piping a job to
winprint1 at winserver and that accepts ok (with one or two minor M$
postscript errors :) )

If anyone else does this style of printing would they care to forward me
any info they have on the subject?



(the biggest problem I have here is the removing the password

I'm sure this question has been asked before though I couldnt find it in
the archives.

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