virtual hosting and nmbd

Jarek Luberek jarek at
Sun Nov 1 20:23:31 GMT 1998


I'm trying to make my machine to show up as two different machines
on the windows clients. The way I figured it could be done is by virtual
Most of this works out as it should apart from nmbd.

I can not make it to listen on the other  (virtual) IP address which
means that
virtuald never get called (by inetd) unless I use the -I option in e.g..
This, of course, does not solve it but shows that something works.

Question in now, am I going about this completely wrong using virtual
hosting or
can nmbd somehow be started twice, each one listening on different IP?
I don't know anything about wins, could that be the answer?

(the machine is a linux i386 glibc-2.0.7, 2.1.125, (Red Hat 5.1) )

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