unix password sync problems!

Glen GIBB grg at ecr.mu.oz.au
Tue Mar 31 02:29:12 GMT 1998

> > I have been trying for hours to get the unix password sync going properly
> > with Samba 1.9.18p4 running on FreeBSD 2.2.5
> Hmmm. Well I actually developed and tested the password
> change code on FreBSD 2.2.5, so I know it works .......

Well, that sounds encouraging...

> The unix password change code seems to be working correctly
> for you - what does your log say about the change_oem_password()
> call that follows the UNIX password change in ipc.c.
> At a high debug level you should see it scanning the
> smbpasswd file and re-writing the users smb password
> by calling mod_smbpwd_entry().
> If you don't get any more log after the lines you
> showed, then your chat script is wrong. Writing
> chat scripts is *hard* on FreeBSD. It took me
> a couple of hours to get mine right....

I don't get any further lines in the log file after the ones I posted the
other day, so I am guessing my chat script is wrong. (I am asuming the
chat script you are refering to is the passwd chat section of smb.conf).
If this is what you are refering to, then that was also included in my
previous message. If this isn't what you are refering to, then I think I
may have missed something.

Is it possible to get you to pass on the chat options you use.

Glen Gibb

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