NT passowrd change problem

Jeremy Allison jallison at whistle.com
Mon Mar 30 21:12:20 GMT 1998

Thomas E. Knowles wrote:
> Hmmm...this is odd though.  The password I'm trying to change to on the PDC is 8
> characters.  Even odder is the fact that if I try to change to that same
> password MINUS THE LAST CHARACTER, it works.  Then, when I go to change the
> password to what I had tried originally (all 8 chars), it works there too.  It's
> like I have to go through two steps to change to the password I want, and in the
> end I still end up with the same 8 character password I wanted originally.  One
> other thing, I have no problems changing to a 6-character password.  There's
> nothing odd about my 8-character password, I can change to it just fine from an
> NT box.
> Any ideas??

Yes. Are you using a unix getpass() routine that only
allows 8 characters ? Try re-compiling with
-DREPLACE_GETPASS in the Makefile - see if that
fixes the problem.


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