TMPDIR environment variable

Laszlo Vecsey master at
Sun Mar 29 00:37:32 GMT 1998

This one kept me wondering, so I thought I might save people some trouble.
If you change your system to use a TMPDIR environment variable, you'll
find that samba will use that path for making temporary files with the
guest account. Of course this wont work since the main reason people use
TMPDIR is to point it to a private directory that no other account can
access (/tmp/root, or /root/tmp with 700 permissions in this case)

Is there a way to override this path in the smb.conf file itself? I tried
making an [IPC$] entry with what testparm showed me was the defaults, only
overriding the path, but it didnt work.

The workaround at the moment seems to be to set TMPDIR to the path of your
guest account that samba is using, before loading smbd/nmbd.

- lv

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