Unable to browse share

Remco van de Meent remco-list at cal052204.student.utwente.nl
Sat Mar 28 14:38:14 GMT 1998


I noticed the following 'problem':

I have some shares on my Linux machine, using 1.9.18p4 and encrypted
passwords. Now I walk over to a WinNT machine, and try to access a share
that has been marked as "browseable = no" in smb.conf. It isn't listed in
the shareslist, so that's ok. But when I type in Start|Run "\\server\share",
it asks for the password and username. Fine. It authenticates correctly, but
it tells "No such name" or something like that. But the WinNT machine
is actually connected to the share (I can see it using smbstatus).

Something in my eyes even more strange related to that, is this: now I use
the "net use" command or the Explorer to mount \\server\share, and
everything it's fine! It correctly mounts the share....

Any ideas whether this is a WinNT-problem, or maybe something in Samba?


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