Can't change directories in only one service.

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Fri Mar 27 23:28:25 GMT 1998

On Sat, 28 Mar 1998, Davin Petersen wrote:

> This is really weird.  A few weeks ago I could use Samba from a win95 to
> a Linux box just fine.  Now I can't change into directories in the [web]
> service.

<config specifics CUT!>

> Password authentication is provided by an NT server, and working just
> fine - home directories are available to all users.  The Unix /tmp
> directory is publicly available and writeable.  Printers show up in the
> browse list (but aren't being used).  Basically, what I'm saying is that
> Samba looks like it's configured right.
> But...
> There are two active users on this system - davinp and bakers.  davinp
> can use the [web] service and bakers can't.  Again this was working fine
> a few weeks ago.  stevenb can map a drive to [web], but when he tries to
> change directories, he gets a message stating that the directory does
> not exist.  bakers default login group (in /etc/passwd) is webusers,
> davinp is in the webusers group via. /etc/group (not /etc/passwd).
> Passwords are the same on the NT system as the Linux box.
> ARRRGGGG!!!  Help!
> davinp at

Maybe it has to do with the permissions of the share directory and you
should use something like the "force user = <dir_owner>" and "force group
= <dir_group>" to guarantee access to the allowed users. You may want to
use "valid user = <user_names>" for added security... 

Andy McRory

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