Samba and Subnets

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Fri Mar 27 20:08:44 GMT 1998


I'm trying to use samba from PCs with Windows 95 in a different 
subnet from where Samba server resides. I've read the Browsing 
document in the doc directory from the Samba distribution , 
the digest archives and the examples in Samba distribution
but i don't know understand some things. So i would like to 
ask you some questions. 

If i have:

		------------------------- Subnet A
			  || Bridge 
		------------------------- Subnet B

1) Windows95 machines from the subnet A can see Windows95
machines from subnet B. Samba server is the only machine 
in Subnet B that PCs in Subnet A can't see. Is it normal that 
same machines can't see Samba server when the same machines
can see other PCs in the same subnet that Samba ? Why ? 

2) Is it possible to get a solution to my problem neither 
installing a Samba Server nor NT server in subnet A ? In
subnet A there are only some Windows 95 pcs that are impredecible
if they'll be working or not.

3) I don't think that solution is installing WINS servers 
because the only one machine that should register in it will
be Samba server. Is this correct ?

Any help will be greatefully received ! 
Thank you very much in advance !
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