CD Jukebox w/Samba

Fred Viles fv at
Thu Mar 26 23:03:06 GMT 1998

On 27 Mar 98 at 4:06, Sean E. Millichamp wrote about
    "CD Jukebox w/Samba":

} I was wondering if anyone has experience setting Samba up with a CD
} Jukebox under Linux.  Any comments on the experience? (the good, bad, and
} the ugly)  I haven't figured out how I will handle the exchange of disks
} yet but I figure either using the pre/post exec options in Samba or a
} web-based changer control (or some combination of both) would do the
} trick.

I think you'll have to play such games only if you get an IDE changer.

} I have yet to pick the Jukebox hardware that will be used (mostly because
} I can't find any that I'm sure will run with Linux) so any suggestions in
} that realm would be appreciated too.

My understanding is that Linux has good support for SCSI CD changers.  
It associates each slot with a unique LUN (Logical Unit Number), and 
you can mount (and share via Samba) all the CD's simultaneously, as if 
they were all on-line.  Accessing a file on a slot's mount point causes 
that CD to be swapped in automatically.

IDE changers are not so well supported AFAIK, and you have to run a 
program to switch from one slot to another.  I've got a Win95 server on 
my net for no other reason that to share out an IDE CD jukebox.  I sure 
wish Linux could do the job as well.

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