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Thu Mar 26 17:34:58 GMT 1998

On Fri, 27 Mar 1998, Sean E. Millichamp wrote:

> [Sorry, this may be a bit off topic but I thought it was the best (only)
> place I knew of to ask.]
> I was wondering if anyone has experience setting Samba up with a CD
> Jukebox under Linux.  Any comments on the experience? (the good, bad, and
> the ugly)  I haven't figured out how I will handle the exchange of disks
> yet but I figure either using the pre/post exec options in Samba or a
> web-based changer control (or some combination of both) would do the
> trick.

Well, we have a 486DX/50 linux box for an Internet gateway and cdrom
server setup with 5 SCSI CDROM's that used amd to automount the drives as
they were accessed. Of course you would have to wait for amd to umount the
drives before you could eject the disk. I changed this to use the share
options "root preexec" and "root postexec" to mount and dismount the disks
setting deadtime to 1 so the shared dismounted quickly. This works well
for me. 
> I have yet to pick the Jukebox hardware that will be used (mostly because
> I can't find any that I'm sure will run with Linux) so any suggestions in
> that realm would be appreciated too.

Jukebox!? I used a adaptec aha1542 and nec 4x cdroms. I would like to hear
from anyone who has setup a (real) jukebox.

Andy McRory

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