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Robert Koruna robert.koruna at
Thu Mar 26 13:36:40 GMT 1998


I was just upgrading to samba 1.9.18p3 and thought "great", there are
very much new features, I used 1.9.17 before.

So I tried to set up a password server on a samba linux box.

The password server looks like the following:
I told the password server itself to remap the WIN-users to the unix
usernames, and then I set up a smbpasswd file for the unixusers.

This server does:

netbios name = SERVER
security = user
username map =
encrypt passwords = yes
local master
domain master 
domain logons

Ok you're right, therefor I don't need a password server.

But now I have a 2nd samba server and there I told samba
netbios name = PRINTER
security = server
password server = SERVER
encrypt passwords = yes

All shares are writable and not pulic.

They are both in the same domain and workgroup.

Now if I want to browse the shares of PRINTER it asks me for a
pasword. This is delegated to SERVER, accepted and then redirected to
PRINTER. Works great.
But the gag is, if I want to connect to a share, PRINTER doesn't
accept the password anymore.
The reason is, that the client ( I tried it with smbclient
\\PRINTER\share -U user ) is authenticated as guest.
A password request is sent from PRINTER to SERVER, but it seems to 
me, that SERVER is authenticating the client, but it doesn't notify 
PRINTER of that info, or PRINTER doesn't want the info.

Isn't it possible to configure samba as a password server?
Did I configure something wrong?
Maybe somebody has a config file as an example?
Please help ...

Thanks in advance,


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