Samba access stats

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Thu Mar 26 09:44:53 GMT 1998

Hi everyone in Sumba Club,

for stat purposes I'd be interested in getting
or extracting infos of the kind ...
 ... (WHO)/WHEN/FILE_NAME/SIZE ... reasonably.
(yeah, something similar you get from Apache or ncftp)

I realized I can get tons of very interesting infos
into the log with different granularity,
setting the debug level approp., but ... ehm ...
Did I overlook something ?

Any idea, patches/extensions somewhere ?


p.s. A minor trouble: I set hide dot files = yes
     but can see them with smbclient
     (env: Solaris5.5.1/Samba1.9.18p3)
Tony Sprinzl, sprinzl at
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