SMB/NFS Server

Yoni Elias yoni at
Wed Mar 25 18:35:51 GMT 1998

Hi All
I'm considering to install SMB on one of my UNIX machines, to act as a NFS 
server for other UNIX servers and as a NetBEUI/PC server for all the 
Windows Clients.
This server supposed to have all the source code on it, and the source is 
to be managed using Microsoft Visual SourceSafe, using the UNIX access 
through SMB.

My questions are :
1. Did anyone try this configuration and it met his expectations ?
2. What is the best way of configuring the smb.conf file, so file sharing 
in the above configuration is done ?
3. Can someone point on an archive where similar project has been done so I 
can learn from that what to do ?

Thank you in advance,

Yoni Elias
Technological Infrastructure Administrator
Precise Software Solutions
Yoni at

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