What shares are mounted on client ?

W.J. McEachran billjr at penny.com
Wed Mar 25 15:14:59 GMT 1998

Is there anyway to ascertain what shares a client actually has mounted at a 
given time?

I've got a number of WFW boxes connecting shared drives on my SCO-OSE3 box 
using SAMBA 1.9.16p5 (upgrading to latest version RSN).

I've got some shell scripts on the Unix box which use escape sequences sent to 
the client telnet to start programs on the client side. Some of these programs
assume that some shares from the SCO box will be mounted on the WFW machine.

Is there anyway I can know, on the Unix side, what shares a WFW client has 

Also, how can I ensure that the WFW clients actually do mount the shares I'd 
like them to have mounted at startup?
Bill McEachran                    billjr at penny.com

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