How to use same Samba server for Win 3.x and NT clients

Ed mistered at
Wed Mar 25 01:29:03 GMT 1998

I have a Samba server and need to serve a combination of 3.x, 95,
NT3.51, & NT4.0 clients.  I built it to include encrypted passwords.  I
can get NT clients connected but 3.x and 95 won't connect. With a Samba
version built without the encrypted passwords, I can get 3.x and 95
clients connected, but not the NT ones.  I need to provide READONLY
services to all, WRITEABLE services to all, and READ/WRITE services to
selected subsets of clients, but they can be a mix of NT and non-NT

How do I set up a Samba server to handle all these client types with
access to the different types of services?

HELP, Please.

hildeed at  :-(

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