Domain trust relationship problem with encrypted passwords.

Shankar Ishwar svi at
Tue Mar 24 21:19:21 GMT 1998

We have the following scenario: 2 domains on a network seperated by a
WAN link.

Say,  Domain-A and Domain-B

Both domains trust each other. So if a user logs on to domain A, he/she
can get
to resources in domain B.

Using encrypted passwords, and pointing the password server to one of
the PDC's,
i have noticed the following problem:

User logged into domain A, can access all smb(unix) shares in domain A,
problem.. however when trying to access to smb(unix) shares in domain B,

it fails.. saying "Incorrect password or unknown username" . The
password server
is being pointed to a PDC in domain A.  -- same is true in the vice
versa case .

However, the same thing works fine from unix.. For example, one can do
an smbclient
from a unix box in domain-A to an smb(unix) share in domain B.. use the
domain A based password.. and it WORKS !!

It fails, even when the user has the same password and username in both

Any ideas/clues ??


P.S. This is running samba 1.9.17p4   and PDC is an NT4.0 with SP3 box.

PPS. I am not on the mailing list, please reply to: svi at

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