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Tue Mar 24 16:18:31 GMT 1998

On 1998-03-18, steveng at formail.formation.com ( Steven Grunza ) wrote:

>   This is somewhat off-topic but does anyone know of an smbclient-like
> program that handles IPX and Netware file servers?  Using smbclient and
> NetBSD, I can access the shared Windows 95 and NT resources of our
> company but I'm stuck if I need data stored on the Novell file servers. 
> Any hints? The *nix box I'm using is a SPARCstation 1 running NetBSD-1.3.
> Thanks in advance.

Are they Netware 3 or Netware 4 servers?
(Bindery or NDS?)

For Linux there are a number of free ipx tools including ncpfs for mounting
Netware filesystems.  They are limited to Bindery, though, AFAIR.  (There are
experimental NDS tools in the works, but the only ones sure to work are for
$$$ from Caldera).  I can't find a web site for ncpfs, but an FTP site is
ftp://ftp.gwdg.de/pub/linux/misc/ncpfs/.  If Netware 3 would be enough, it
wouldn't surprise me if the same ncpfs code was available for NetBSD.

Er... or not.  Reading the .lsm at the above site, it sounds like ncpfs is a
Linux-only project.  ( You maybe could run Linux on your SS1... :)

I thought at least one of the *BSD's had ipx && Netware filesystem support,
but I'm not having much luck searching DejaNews...

Hank Leininger <hlein at progressive-comp.com>

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