Can't logon SAMBA server from NT client, but win95 could...?

Silver CHEN chenst at
Tue Mar 24 09:33:54 GMT 1998

Dear Sir:

  I found a problem on our LAN environment:

  * We have some NT machines for small-scale WWW services and LAN services
  * We have UNIXs with SAMBA to share resources, and provide large-scale
WWW services

  It's OK to connect to the UNIX shares from win95 machines, but I found it
  says that I have no permissions if I try to logon the UNIX shares from a
NT client.

  We have NT server installed, not the workstation, and I think we DO have
a PDC on LAN

  Could you give me some advices about this? I still feel confused on the
stuff of SMB
  siometimes..... :(

  Thanks a lot!

Sincerely Yours
Silver CHEN

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