Win NT Authorization problems... the *real* fix you are looking for.

Ernie Oporto ernie_oporto at
Mon Mar 23 14:52:28 GMT 1998

Are your users restricted to logging into certain workstations?  We had
this same problem, which went away when I added our Samba server to the
list of machines they were allowed to log into.  

Seems to happen with Win95, too.  They weren't allowed to log into my
Win95 machine, so anything I was sharing was off-limits to them.  If I
add the name of my Win95 machine for them to access my shares, they can
then log into my machine and look at my mail and files...not something
I would like them to do.  This also makes the login lists unmanageable.

 > I have already tried compiling libdes.a and then installing it in
 > /usr/lib/libdes.a and then I added -DUSE_LIBDES and -ldes to the
 > samba compilation and still get the annoying "You are not authorized
 > to login from this station.

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