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Here at MHA (where I work) we use SUN pcNFS to access the UNIX servers and we will move to SAMBA (I can explanin resons for who have interest on subject) but ours users are used to some commands that SAMBA does not have.

I am studing SAMBA code to find out if I can implement the clients commands we need but I wonder if there are some one who alread have it implemented or can point me some short way to do it.

Below is a list of clients command I'm planing to create:

chmode  -  UNIX style chmode to change the mode of files stored at SAMBA server.
login       -  UNIX style login to change the SAMBA user corrent connection (Not to change the WINDOWS user!)
umask    -  UNIX style umask to see or change dinamicaly the SAMBA file creation mask.
ls           -  UNIX style ls to list the files ant it's attributes  at SAMBA server.

Any help will be very apreciated!

Thank you.
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