guest printing on samba

Simon Hyde shyde at
Sat Mar 21 11:47:28 GMT 1998

On Sat, 21 Mar 1998 16:45:22 +1100, you wrote:

>Thanks for the suggestion. However, my problem is not so much if the wirte
>permissions or valid user has been created, etc, but rather that samba
>expects a valid uer name, while as far as I can see Windows 95 isending the
>username I used to log into Winodws. This means that I must have a Win95
>username that is identical to the one on the unix system in order to use
>the printer. Any more ideas?

Windows will always try to authenticate as the user you are logged in as on
that machine, however if this authentication fails (the username is invalid
or the password is invalid) Samba will default to the guest account if it
exists, is enabled (guest ok = yes on the share that is being talked about)
and has unix rights to the directory which is set by the path= directive.

Simon Hyde

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