Win NT Authorization problems... the *real* fix you are looking for.

Jeff Wiegley jeff at
Sat Mar 21 05:36:31 GMT 1998


  Well, since I've been f*cking around with Win-NT users complaining
about the new Samba server for the last two days I've decided to
finally fix this problem.

The problem is namely the one that everyone has been asking on this list
and after looking through all the digests I'm pretty damn disgusted that
the only help anyone has offered has been...

Read the WinNT.txt and the ENCRYPTION.txt files.  both of which completely
fail to really let RedHat users know the *REAL* way to fix their problems.

first off...
  1) No sane administrator would want to defeat encrypted password by
allowing clear text passwords in the registry if they didn't have to.
(And you *don't* have to, or at least thats what the docs say)

  2) Neither the ENCRYPTION.txt nor the Makefile do even a dissapointing,
marginal attempt at addressing this problem with real information.

I already know you need to compile it with DES support but none of
these damn documents actually tell you *exactly* what you have to do
to compile in des support.

I have already tried compiling libdes.a and then installing it in
/usr/lib/libdes.a and then I added -DUSE_LIBDES and -ldes to the
samba compilation and still get the annoying "You are not authorized
to login from this station.

(and actually there isn't even a commentable section for USE_LIBDES or
DES_FLAGS or DES_LIB in the Makefile, so from just looking at the
makefile you wouldn't even think such a thing is an option let alone

Aside from appearantly still not having DES compiled in I am getting in
/var/log/log. the following (a lot of...)

Unknown socket option TCP_NODELAY
Unknown socket option TCP_NODELAY
Unknown socket option TCP_NODELAY
Unknown socket option TCP_NODELAY

anyone have a definitive answer for either of these two problems?

All I can offer right now is that I think since this encrypted password
on NT stuff is a problem for a lot of people and there are huge number
of users which would desire to have encrypted passwords turned on then
it should easier to get samba compiled with DES encryption functioning
and the documentation on doing so should be more complete.

- Jeff

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