samba and msoffice

Ben Kosse BKosse at
Fri Mar 20 17:13:58 GMT 1998

IIRC, this is a Office 97 issue. I recall an earlier discussion (not on
this list) where someone was trying to test Office 97. Unfortunately,
Office 97 tries to open an entire boat-load of files as Read/Write which
causes some substantial problems running it off the network.

Again, this is very old, hersey information, so I may be incorrect.

> if there is anybody that installed msoffice on a samba share, then
> I have a question for you (if you're willing to answer them...):
>  are there any special permissions I need to set? I installed
>  msoffice on a share and when I quit Word 97, it comes back with
>  an error that it can't write to \\share\msoffice\off. When I press
>  cancel and try to quit again, it tries to save my file.
>  Any suggestions?

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