Errors with smbtar

Grant, Les LGRANT at
Thu Mar 19 09:07:00 GMT 1998

Hi all
	I have been using samba for some time now with no
problems. Recently I decided to try and backup NT workstations
with smbtar/smbclient to DAT tape. I get the following:-

getting file \DOS\COUNTRY.SYS of size 26936 bytes as a tar file
COUNTRY.SYSError writing to tar file - I/O error
Didn't get entire file. size=26936, nread=3856
Padding with 23080 zeros

This happens every few files. Note the 'nread' value is the same on each
occasion. I have no
such problem if I am writing to disk, it is as if it write does not
block properly when waiting for
the dat drive to write the data to tape.

The kit is HP running 10.20, the version of samba is 1.9.18p3. I have
the same problem with version
1.19.17p4 but with different error messages.

	Any ideas please?

		les grant

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