Connecting to NT from smbclient fails

Michael Tibor tibor at
Wed Mar 18 23:28:04 GMT 1998

On Wed, 18 Mar 1998, Peter H. Lemieux wrote:

> Michael Tibor wrote:
> >>On Sun, 15 Mar 1998 Dominik Weis <weis at> wrote:
> >> I have problems to connect from a Linux(Samba) computer to NT.
> >Do you have other network client software installed on the NT machine?  I
> >know for me, installing Novell Client 32 completely broke incoming
> >NetBIOS over IP connections, resulting in the behavior you describe when
> >I try to connect via my Linux box (yes, other Windows boxes are also
> >unable to connect as well). 
> I'm running Client32 on my NTWS 4.0 and can see it with smbclient from a
> Linux 2.0.33+Samba 1.9.17p4. 
> Peter

Are you using the Client for Microsoft Networks as well?  Which TCP/IP
stack are you using, Novell's or Microsoft's?

I'm using the Microsoft Client in addition to Client32, and the Microsoft
TCP/IP stack.  Maybe I should try the Client32 TCP/IP?

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