Keeping samba and unix passwd in sync

David Bannon D.Bannon at
Wed Mar 18 22:55:33 GMT 1998

     I have had a number of people ask for a copy of my (very crude)
programme that keeps the unix and samba password lists in sync. It is a
replacement for 'passwd', usefull if you are using encrypted passwords. You
will find it here on my page.

Please note it is not a 'production ready' programme, I wrote it for our
own use here, it works for us on our system (DEC Unix 3.2, no shadow
passwords). I will certainly be interested to hear how it works elsewhere
but cannot accept any responsibilty ....

The programme does what the normal passwd programme does, but in addition
it calls smbpasswd supplying it with the same user name and password. It
knows about the different rules that apply when user is, or is not, root. I
guess the proper thing to do is to merge my passwd.c with the smbpasswd.c .
At some stage.

Good luck


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