SAMBA printer share and NT

Herb Lewis herb at
Wed Mar 18 17:07:53 GMT 1998

Anthony Farrow wrote:
> So it looks like you need to be administrator for the local PC to add the
> printer share to the desktop because it is trying to add the printer driver to
> the PC.

You are right. Unless you have automatic printer driver downloading,
you must be administrator to install a printer. Currently we only
support downloading drivers to Win95 machines. If I ever find the
time I want to add support for NT as well.

> Two hitches here - first we want the driver to stay on the samba
> server, not be loaded onto the local PC, and secondly, users will not have the
> required privileges to add the printer to their desktop when they login.
> I would like to know if anyone out there has found a way round this. I know the
> notes for Samba say the above scenario can be implemented for Win95 clients but
> can it be also applied to NT 4.0 clients and can the Samba server be used to
> hold the printer drivers, not just for serving the drivers down to PC clients.
Typically all printer drivers are added to the windows\system directory
on the local PC. I haven't tried it but it may be possible to change the
registry entries for the printer and point to another location for the
drivers. You would still have to install locally though and then move
it (if it would even work).

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>         Anthony Farrow

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