howto mount - umount ?

Sergio Brandano serbr at
Wed Mar 18 09:39:14 GMT 1998


 I -almost- gracely installed samba-1.9.18p3 on my

> Linux maya 2.0.33 #4 Tue Mar 17 17:25:36 CET 1998 i586 unknown

 and it works fine. I did not managed to compile smbmount.c and smbumount.c
 that comes with this distribution, so that I had to install those with
 smbfs-2.0.2 .

 Question 1: how can I compile the smbmount.c and smbumount.c that comes
             with the samba distribution ?

 Question 2: 

 From the mount manual:

       -t vfstype
              The argument following the -t is used  to  indicate
              the  file system type.  The file system types which
              are   currently    supported    are    listed    in
              linux/fs/filesystems.c:  minix,  ext,  ext2, xiafs,
              hpfs, msdos,  umsdos,  vfat,  proc,  nfs,  iso9660,
              smbfs, ncpfs, affs, ufs, romfs, sysv, xenix, coher-

              ent.  Note that the last three are  equivalent  and
              that  xenix  and  coherent  will be removed at some
              point in the future -- use sysv instead. Since ker-
              nel  version  2.1.21 the types ext and xiafs do not
              exist anymore.

 Mount options for smbfs
       Just  like  nfs,  the  smb implementation expects a binary
       argument (a struct smb_mount_data)  to  the  mount  system
       call.  This argument is constructed by smbmount(8) and the
       current version of mount (2.6c)  does  not  know  anything
       about smb.

 Q: Do You know about any improvement on this ?

 Question 3:  In my /etc/fstab I would like to write something like

> /dev/hda3         swap                 swap        defaults   1   1
> /dev/hda1         /                    ext2        defaults   1   1
> /dev/hda2         /home                ext2        defaults   1   1
> //bianconiglio/c  /mnt/bianconiglio/c  smbfs       defaults   1   1
> //bianconiglio/d  /mnt/bianconiglio/d  smbfs       defaults   1   1
> none              /proc                proc        defaults   1   1

 in order to automatically mount (and umount) remotes.

 The point is, of course, remotes may not be connected at boot time...

 Thank You.

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