Problem compiling 1.9.18p3 under Solaris 2.5 (DMA error)

Michael Cargian mcargian at Rand.COM
Wed Mar 18 00:45:17 GMT 1998

Solaris 2.5
Samba 1.9.18p3

During the make operation several .c files compile succesfully
until it reaches the trans2.c file.

This file during compilation causes a 'Panic: Memory Error', 
followed by 'Unrecoverable DMA error' and an automatic 
system reboot.

Has anyone seen this before? Does it sound like a gcc problem
or a samba one?

Thanks in advance!


Michael Cargian				Rand Technologies
Application Engineer			Syracuse, New York
mcargian at			(315) 471-8369 x 237

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