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Tue Mar 17 17:00:58 GMT 1998

I'm trying to get UNIX and NT to work together and want to have as much
security that I can get.

I can get the NT to authenticate with UNIX by modifying the Registry
(Service Patch 3) but I want to stay away from that.

I can also get the UNIX machine to validate the NT login from the NT
server, thus from what I understand encryption.

However, I would like to have accounts reside on the UNIX machine (not on
the NT server) and use encryption.  That is where I'm loosing it....

I have setup the password files for Samba (default:
/usr/local/samba/private/smbpasswd.  and I have modified the smb.conf to
include the line "encrypt passwords = yes".   Supposedly this allows me to
use NT encryption (not having to mess with Windows 95B or NT w/patch 3) and
use UNIX accounts.  The only problem is making sure the Samba password file
is up to date.

Am I missing something?  I'm not sure where libdes.tar.92-10.13 fits in either.

My problem now is that I try to connect to the UNIX machine from NT with my
UNIX passwords and username and it keeps asking.

Any clues?


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