WIN 95/NT "Find computer option" in Network neighborhood

Spiros B. spiros at
Tue Mar 17 16:11:22 GMT 1998

> >    invalid users = root, sys, daemon, anonymous, sync, nobody, guest
> Things work a little different for browsing in Windows 95 than they do in
> NT.  First try removing the nobody from the list of invalid users.  Also
> check out the GUEST_SESSETUP defines in 'local.h'.  Also try playing with
> 'public = yes' in the global section as wellas soem of the shares ( I
> already erased the rest of your posting so I don't remember if you had
> this set or not ).
> Hope this helps,
> j- 
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>                             Gerald ( Jerry ) Carter	
> Engineering Network Services                           Auburn University 
>        "...a hundred billion castaways looking for a home."
>                                   - Sting "Message in a Bottle" ( 1979 )

	Hello there all,
Gerald's suggestion was the one that solved my problem.

I re-compiled again using the following values on my local.h :

#define MAX_OPEN_FILES 1024    ( instead of the default 100 ) for Clearcase
to work.....

Increased the soft limit of file descriptors in the kernel by adding two lines
in /etc/system:

set rlim_fd_max = 1024
set rlim_fd_cur = 256

and changed the GUEST_SESSSETUP in local.h

#define GUEST_SESSSETUP 1 ( instead of the default 0 )

as well as remove guest,nobody from the invalid users in my smb.conf, and making
public=yes the mounts i wanted visible..

Many thanks to  Gerald Carter   cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU

and everyone else who intended to respond.....



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