What the HECK am I missing???????

Matthew Stevenson stevenma at lion.shu.edu
Tue Mar 17 15:33:56 GMT 1998

Here's our setup:

Samba 1.9.18p3 Running on AIX 4.2.1 (RS/6000 J40 w/ 4cpu's/512meg ram)
User Level security

I'm trying to connect to it with a Windows 95 machine, and it REFUSES to
work.  Windows NT works perfectly.  When I try and connect to it with
WinNT it asks me for a user name/password which is fine.  When I try to
connect to it with Win95 it asks me for the password for "Resource:
\\Tortuga\IPC$"  there is no user name field.

Now HOW do I make it ask me for a User name and a password with Win95? 
I've been working on this for a week or so, so far with no answers.. can
anyone help?

Oh, and our Win95 machine is configured as following in the "Networks"
section of the Control Panel:

3Com Adapter
Microsoft Client

Login Type: Both Microsoft Networks and "Windows Login" give me the same
$IPC password problem.

Thanks for any/all help!

Matt Stevenson

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