wierd error msg in log.nmb

bcurnow bcurnow at sonnet.com
Tue Mar 17 07:20:24 GMT 1998

When I try to browse this system from a remote network via smbclient, it
works very well.  When I try to browse from a win98 on the same remote
network with nbthost -A, I get host not found, and these messages in the

process_node_status_request: status request for name *<00> from IP on subnet REMOTE_BROADCAST_SUBNET - name not found.

The system has two interfaces, and I specified both on an interfaces line.
Once I manually connect via NET USE, the machine becomes browseable via
the system name I used to connect to it (in LMHOSTS)

The win98 client has good DNS, but the SMB name does not match the DNS
name, while the smbclient test machine does match.  I don't think this is
the problem, but I'm mentioning it here just in case.

----------------- Brian  Curnow ----------------

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