Network time sync and reverse NetBios name lookup

Ben Kosse BKosse at
Mon Mar 16 23:22:07 GMT 1998

>All sorts of NTP stuff for NT  (I'm running a port of the reference NTP
>software on NT boxes here syncing them to unix boxes, though I haven't
>the other).
Let me try to say this again, I cannot add any services to the NT boxes.
I absolutely need to make this a purely client thing.

Similarly, I can't use the WINS dump thing because it doesn't run on the
Linux box (it's a clandestine infiltration attempt :)

>Btw, if anyone knows how to unsub here, let me know.  Changing jobs
>and I've not yet gotten a reply from listproc at and
>wondering how long that should take.
mail to listproc at with message body 'unsubscribe samba'

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