Network time sync and reverse NetBios name lookup

Ben Kosse BKosse at
Mon Mar 16 22:21:10 GMT 1998

	I made a somewhat deep check for time synchronization and I
couldn't find what I was looking for. What I need to do is synchronize
the clock on a Linux box to the clock on an NT server. I can't use NTP
or any other protocol because the NT box doesn't understand it. Any
pointers would be great.

	The second issue is that I need to do (if possible) a reverse
NetBios name lookup by hitting a WINS server or something. Our DNS
server doesn't know about a good 50% of our network (which is fine,
because these are inaccessable Win3.1 boxes or Win95 boxes), but our
WINS server does and I would like to get at the data. However, it would
be plainly silly to go through all possible alphanumeric (and then some)
combinations of 15 or less letters. It isn't silly to do a lookup of all
possible IP addresses on our network, which is what I would like to do.

	Please let me know if either of these is/is not possible and
how. Thank you, and thanks for the nice (Samba) product.

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