Win98 -> Samba and smbmount new Linux

Michael St. Laurent rowl at
Thu Mar 12 20:16:11 GMT 1998

I'll tackle item #1.  I'm using win98 with samba.  You may need to apply
the registry patch to re-enable plain text passwords.  Take a look at the
"Win95_PlainPassword.reg" file in the "docs" directory of the distribution.
At 12:02 AM 3/13/98 +1100, bcurnow wrote:
>I've been watching for a couple of days and haven't seen any discussion of
>this, so hopefully it's not old hat.  ;)
>I have two issues that I am working on...
>1) Win98 betas always fail password.  Win95s work, so I figure this either
>is a config option, or temporary pending an update to samba.  Is anyone
>getting Win98 to connect to samba? 
>2) The smbmount programs that are precompiled out there don't work with
>Linux kernel version 2.1.8x, and the source in the latest samba release
>doesn't want to compile those tools.  I am using a Redhat 5.0
>distribution, and I think there may be some funny stuff with the headers
>going on.  Is there a trick to this, or any binaries available for this
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