Samba for AFS access and group access

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Thu Mar 12 17:00:36 GMT 1998

Our site is using AFS for all major filesharing, and we are (still starting
to) use Samba as the access to this filespace from the Wintel world.
But I stumbled about the following question:

- In AFS the access rights for files (more exactly directories) can be much
finer than the standard Unix user-group-world bits. So I can have a large
Unix group 'admin', but set different access rights for different AFS
defined groups.

- I can open up the Unix access bits more and more as necessary, since the
AFS rights will restrict the access if necessary, but would it not make
sense if Samba would not check the Unix access bits, but simply go ahead
and try to read or write, and if this works - fine, otherwise evaluate the
return code of the operation?

Thanks and regards!

  Dr. Axel Tanner
  IBM Zurich Research Laboratory    email: axs at
  Saumerstr. 4                      phone:    +41/1/724 82 49
  CH-8803 Rueschlikon               fax  :    +41/1/724 89 59

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