Samba, slow performance and crashing databases

Peter Olsson peter at
Wed Mar 11 09:04:50 GMT 1998


I'm using samba in RedHat Linux 5.0. It works almost ok... 

First of all, I think everything is MUCH to slow. I am running it on a
Pentium Pro 200MHz with 64Mb RAM. And there is only 5 clients using
it. I'm using version 1.8.19p3 on an RedHat 5.0 Server. Is there 
something special I need to do about the filelocking?? Or have I just 
done something wrong during setup...?

Before this I had a Novell NetWare 4.1 as a fileserver, it was much
faster. When I transfer files to or from the samba server it works 
very good, but when I have a database (Paradox) on the server with 
several people using it at the same time, the Performance is 
really bad. Sometime the databases even crash. We are also running an 
administrative program over the network. After only one day on our 
samba server, the databases started to crash.. It has never happened 

Does anyone have any idea why this is happening? I would be really
grateful for a quick answer.

I have sent this before, but now with a little more info...

Peter Olsson
Visionutveckling AB

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