Spaces in Directory Names

Roeland M.J. Meyer rmeyer at
Wed Mar 11 08:41:45 GMT 1998

At 20:12 10-03-98 +1100, Jason Armstrong wrote:
>Hi there.
>What is the correct way to smbmount a directory on a machine where
>that directory has a space in the name ie:
># smbmount "//machine/SOME DATA" /mnt/name -c client -U user -P pass
>seemed to mount the directory that I wanted, but then:

Your first mistake is in fstab. Don't mention this mount there. smbmount does
the job for you. mount does not really understand smbfs. someday it will.
However, the problem is that the shares require a UUID/PASSWD which mount
doesn't know how to supply. Unfortunately, smbmount make you put them on the
command-line, in the mount script.

Here is (sorta) what my rc.smbmount looks like

> #!/bin/bash
> # Mount workstation files with Samba
> /usr/bin/smbmount //hawk/C$ /hawk/C -U root -P <pswd>
> /usr/bin/smbmount //hawk/D$ /hawk/D -U root -P <pswd>
> /usr/bin/smbmount //eagle/C$ /eagle/C -U root -P <pswd>
> /usr/bin/smbmount //eagle/D$ /eagle/D -U root -P <pswd>

As you can see, I'm mounting shares from two different work stations. They are
running WinNTws40SP3. None of this show in my fstab file. BTW, I can do 
a "ls -al /hawk/C" and see "Program Files" okay, but bash doesn't like seeing
it on the command-line unless you use single-quotes like 

 ls -al '/hawk/C/Program Files'.

Otherwise bash thinks "/hawk/C/Program" and "Files" are different
specifications and can't find either one of them. BTW, the network version of
BRU knows how to read files from such mounted drives so I do not need
smbtar to
back them up.

># mount
>//machine/SOME on DATA type /mnt/name (smbfs)
>and I can't get rid of it either. Also
># df
>df: DATA: No such file or directory.

Yep, that's your problem alright

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