Win98 -> Samba and smbmount new Linux

bcurnow bcurnow at
Wed Mar 11 02:33:06 GMT 1998

I've been watching for a couple of days and haven't seen any discussion of
this, so hopefully it's not old hat.  ;)

I have two issues that I am working on...

1) Win98 betas always fail password.  Win95s work, so I figure this either
is a config option, or temporary pending an update to samba.  Is anyone
getting Win98 to connect to samba? 

2) The smbmount programs that are precompiled out there don't work with
Linux kernel version 2.1.8x, and the source in the latest samba release
doesn't want to compile those tools.  I am using a Redhat 5.0
distribution, and I think there may be some funny stuff with the headers
going on.  Is there a trick to this, or any binaries available for this

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