311 Name mangling & nt40 browsing

Marcel - Titus MARGINEAN mtm at albacomp.ro
Tue Mar 10 15:38:02 GMT 1998

	I made a small test network, with Samba 1.9.18p3, server under 
Linux 2.0.29, and I got this problems:
	In Win311 all files name is received as ~AA, ~BB ..., more that
this names is't recognized. Testing with parameters: 
name mangled, default case, preserve case was no succed. This name conversion
also appear for dos names (I had a ms-dos formated hdd mounted) but names
on it appear in the same way.
I modifyed function for name mangling to 83 from source code to skeep 
conversion if files is in dos-format and worked in 311, but I got other 
problems with Win95. Verry strange: I try to copy a (short) file in other 
directory and........ with the same name, samba created a directory !!!
So I undo-it changes. What can I do for use Samba with 311-normaly ?

	In other way, Win95 saw the browse list and work well,
But WinNT 40 Svr, say Server albacomp is't accesible, or ask me for password,
and ask again and again...then say the same. But if I use map network drive
and I provide (manually not from list) address, it succed to connect.

	Best wishes,
		Marcel - Titus MARGINEAN
		mtm at albacomp.ro, m-titus at usa.net

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