Connecting from NT server to Linux

Jason Armstrong jason at
Tue Mar 10 09:19:05 GMT 1998


I have one machine running NT server4.0 and another running RedHat
Linux 4.2, with Samba Version 1.9.18p3. I have set the Workgroup on
both machines to be OSLG, and in smb.conf have:

  os level = 33
  domain master = yes

I have created the user 'proliant' on both machines. Now I can't seem
to see the linux machine from the NT machine, I continually get the
"Unauthorised access" message. I can, however, smbmount the NT
machine, ping it etc.

Is this permission problem on the Linux or NT side? What other
configurations should I be looking at?

BTW, there is another Windows95 machine on the network which can see
the Linux machine fine.



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