Subject: Samba and VFAT

Henri J. Schlereth henris at
Tue Mar 10 05:39:34 GMT 1998

I am relatively new to the Unix world and  have a hopefully simple
question. I  have a dual-boot Win95/Redhat system and would like to 
have  the vfat mounted shares accessible under SAMBA as well.
The default setting for vfat is r-x for group. Chmod, chown, chgrp refuse
to alter this even  as root. (Permission  denied)

As root I can r/w to these #$%^  shares w/o any difficulty.
Vfat does not seem to like it when I change these things in fstab
I have hunted for any references in this matter thru your digest and came up
blank till my eyes burned.

At this time I have no choice but to run dual-boot until my conversion
process is complete. In other words I cant surrender the vfat parts until
I gain complete control over the Linux part.

So  remote mounting of Windows shares is done but what about internally?
Doing an smbmount seems to be clumsy when not connecting to a
external machine. How does smbfs  compare to vfat, would I lose anything
as far as Win95 goes? 

BTW, everything else seems to be working fine, I am using SAMBA 1.19.18p3-42 (RPM). The main Win95  client is patched to the gills, I have successfully
installed the win95 registry patch,there are no printers to worry about, this is
just an intranet learning machine for me.

All answers appreciated and if you need more information let me know

Before you ask why I am doing this,   I    Henri J. Schlereth      I    
perhaps you should ask why not.       I     Austin, Texas           I

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