HELP: Samba servers dissappear from "Network Neighborhood"!!

Martin Mielke martin at
Mon Mar 9 12:51:32 GMT 1998

Dear all,

since some hours ago I cannot see the Samba servers from the Windows box

The last time I could I simply double-clicked on the "Network
Neighborhood" icon to see the machines connected to the LAN. I did some
copies from the UNIX side to the PC and vice versa and then closed that
window. Later on I needed to do it again but this time the Win95 box was
not able to see the Samba servers at all.

On the UNIX side, I checked that the Samba daemons were running and so
they are. I have also checked the network cable, I've stoped/started
again the Samba daemons by hand and I've rebooted the Win95 box (just in
case :) ), but it didn't help.

Does anybody have an idea about what can be happening??

TIA and best regards,

M at rtin

Martin Mielke
Jaleo Development Office - SysAdmin
martin at
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