Printer problems with samba...

Kevin W. Reed soldo at
Mon Mar 9 06:00:38 GMT 1998

I've got a problem and I'm not sure what the cause is...

We have two Unix hosts.  One is an SCO Unix 3.2v4.2 (Trip) box with three
working printers on it (printer, laser and labels).

We have a new server SCO 2.3v5.0.4 (Franklin) that is setup with those 
same printers as remote printers.  Users can use them just fine without
any problems.

The Samba Server is sitting on the new box (Franklin).  All three of the 
remote printers show up and are accessible as shares...

A remote pc (Zippy) can sucessfully send a print job to the samba server
for the printer "laser". It gets the job saves it in /tmp, but never 
gets to queuing it to the printer.  The resulting file in /tmp just 
sits there forever.  No errors are encountered (that I can see) 
to indicate any problems.

In the /tmp directory are files of the right size named like:


Which matches the remote hosts name...

For debugging purposes, I changed the print command to:

	print command = cp %s /tmp/print.test

But that never happens.  And I'm not sure why or what is not 
configured properly.   I've been going through the book 
Samba "Integrating Unix and Windows" but have run out of things to
test for...

I would include the output of testparm but that is a bit on the long
side... Can forward to someone who might have an idea what might
be wrong...

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