Problems with DOS clients

F. G. P. fgp at
Sat Mar 7 17:29:46 GMT 1998


I was very interrested when I read your message, because I have the same
problem. I have installed Windows for Workgroups 3.11, together with MS
TCP/IP 32. I need TCP/IP 32 because Samba can only hande SMB over TCP, and
not TCP over NetBEUI (Standard in Win95, and the only posibility for WFW
3.11 without MS TCP/IP 32). So I think you cannot access Samba Servers
with the DOS-Client from Microsoft. However, maybe there is something like
TCP/IP 32 also for the MS Dos-Client. 
	The Only solution I found for SMB over TCP under Dos was
LANMANAGER-Client from IBM (Free, like the MS-Client). I didn't try it
yet, but I will do so in the next days.
	If you have further questions or you find other solutions, please
send me a mail (

					Greetings, fgp  

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