Printing to HP1600CM

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Sat Mar 7 08:55:19 GMT 1998

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> Subject: Printing to HP1600CM
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> When I have print jobs in the que the lpq Program gives me the print
> jobs but doesn't exit. I have to press ctrl c to exit it. The HP printer
> allows only one network connection. If I am sending print jobs the one
> connection is taking and I don't get a response from the printer. I think
> that is the reason why the lpq program doesn't exit. I could not find help

 I had the same problem with lpd and Solaris - the JetDirect lpd
seems to be single threaded, while it is printing, it wont respond to
status requests, the client then times out.
 This is quite bad for samba/win95 as the windows95 machines would lockup
waiting for lpq to return.
 Initially I disabled samba from trying to get printer status, but now
all is working fine using 'jetprint' for Solaris, which I got from HP's
web site.
 It uses some sort of interface program to talk directly to the JetDirect
interface, in a protocol that presumably is capable of returning status
to the client and servicing the print engine at the same time.

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