bad performance with big files

Markus Gebhardt magebhar at
Fri Mar 6 07:00:24 GMT 1998


I'm running samba 1.9.17p2 on a Linux (Debian1.3.1) machine as a file
server for W95 clients. Everything's working fine and fast, except for one

When accessing big files (>1MB) with i.e. Excel, the performance suddenly
is incredible bad; it takes several minutes to open an 1MB xls-file. The
same thing happens when I open a database with another CASE-program I'm
working with.
While accessing the file, the Linux machine and the network show no big
load, less than 10%, so it doesn't depend on the net or processor load.
Copying big files works fast and I can achieve more than 800kB/s; I was
even able to open a 8MB file within less than 15 seconds from MS-word(!).

So the problem seems to depend on the program that is accessing the
fileservice and not on the configuration of samba. Are there different
methods to access files from the network?

Has anyone similar experiences or, even better ;-) , an idea or solution to
the problem?

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